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Bolton & NRP Shooting Club

Visitors are welcome at Bolton & NRP Shooting Club as long

as they abide by our range rules and respect Club property.

FAC holders must have Target Shooting as a condition on their Certificate or a condition which allows for the zeroing of their firearm on a suitable range. Target Shooters should also be

Members of another Home Office Approved Club.

No visitor will be allowed access to Firearms or allowed access to our Firearms Ranges without producing a valid FAC.

Firearms used on our ranges must comply with our range safety certification in respect of calibre, muzzle energy and muzzle velocity.

Air Rifles must be sub 12ft lbs unless held on an FAC, air pistols must be sub 6ft lbs. No air guns firing steel or plastic BB’s are allowed due to the danger from ricochets.  

Visitors Fees:-

Firearms (with valid FAC): £7.50

Adult Airgun Package

Range Fee, Gun Hire, 50 Pellets: £8.20

Junior Airgun Package

Range Fee, Gun Hire, 50 Pellets: £6.00

Adult Airgun (with own rifle/pistol): £7.50

Junior Airgun (with own/rifle/pistol: £3.75

The Club is registered with HMRC as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and strives to ensure we are accessible and affordable to all sections of the community.

Visitors & Fees

Please note: as we are a Home Office Approved Firearms Club all applications for Airgun Membership and Airgun Visitors are subject to pre-approval by GM Police Firearms Licensing Department before being accepted and allowed on our ranges.

This means you will not be allowed access

to our ranges on your initial visit.

Parking restrictions are in force operated by Parking Eye please register your vehicle

For parking on entering the Club.