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Bolton & NRP Shooting Club

Membership Fees

Annual Membership Fees

Our membership year runs from 31st March, membership fees are pro-rata if joining part way through the year.

Firearms Membership: £140.00

Firearms Family Membership*: £205.00

Junior Firearms Membership: £80.00

*All family firearms members must have individual Firearms Certificates or be under going Probationary Training with the Club towards applying for a Firearms Certificate from your Police Force Firearms Licensing Department.

Airgun Membership: £108.00

Airgun Family Membership: £156.00

Junior Airgun Membership: £75.00

Range Fees

Adult Members: £2.00

Junior Members (under 18): £1.00

Please note: as we are a Home Office Approved Firearms Club

all applications for Airgun Membership and Airgun Visitors are subject to pre-approval by GM Police Firearms Licensing Department before being accepted and allowed on our ranges.     

For Visitors Fees and charges refer to Visitors Page.

The Club is registered with HMRC as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and strives to ensure we are accessible and affordable to all sections of the community.

Parking Restrictions are in force in the Mill carparks.

Please ensure you use the QR code on display in the Club entrance to register your vehicle registration number, this will give you 2 hours parking.

Failure to register your vehicle may result in the issue of a Parking Charge Notice by Parking Eye who administer the scheme on behalf of the Mill. The Club has no control over the issue of

Parking Charge Notices.